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Jessica de Koning consultancy is a consultancy agency that draws upon my experience as a  scientific researcher in the fields of forest and nature governance, policies for sustainable use and management of natural resources, and mechanisms for climate change.

My objective is to look at the field of tension between policy on one hand and the actual practices and activities that take place on the other.  Based on my work experience, I can make important contributions in the following core themes:

  • Evaluating policy in terms of impact and effectiveness
  • Connecting different policy stakeholders, creating new alliances to facilitate policy desing and implementation
  • Implementation of policy and assessing the institutional fit with local context

I study these dynamics from a scientific policy perspective. By doing so I can place topics in the broader context. This wider perspective results in concrete and valuable recommendations for policy implementation and in legible output for policy makers, practioners, and researchers.

I am objective, I guarantee scientific quality and offer reliability.