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my portfolio of research projects

Space and place

In collaboration with Massey University, New Zealand, we developed a research agenda based on the social notion of place versus the geographical notion of place as a more fitting concept to research landscapes.

Landscape restoration

The landscape restoration project aimed to restore landscapes through private investments in local businesses.


The REDD+ research network at the Wageningen University aims at increasing transdisciplinary knowledge on REDD+ implementation, climate mitigation and sustainable development.

Natura 2000 implementation

The project of which this study was part of was called Beech Forest for the Future . It aimed to develop novel cross-national strategies for coherent beech forest conservation in Europe with a focus on Natura 2000.


The aim of this project was to identify locally viable options for forest use contributing to local livelihoods and to promote these as a basis for sustainable development in the Amazon.

Research Framework

My research looks at the relation between policy implementation and the actual outcomes of that in the landscape. It does so from a dynamic governance perspective and a focus on local practices.